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Home Remodeling In Hawaii - Let me make this clear," the honesty and quality pro renovations turning our 1925 plantation style home into a 2011 luxury suite," you're dynamic building ideas and decor made it simple and clear," good timing, awesome prices and you saved me a bundle on my hardwood flooring over 2500 st ft total," our new vinyl windows from Pella match the new kitchen remodel and drywall finish you applied,: along with the expert room additions and expert bathroom tiling and marble granite finish," we had money leftover to buy paint and primers for the outside exterior," moreover," the hardwood crown molding and popcorn ceiling removal applied with quality pro clean up," Aaron and Pro Handyman Oahu LLC remodeling crew made our dream home come true in less than one moth of buying, installing and finishing touches ... thank you very much...... I recommend their highly upscale renovation services to any and all home owners.... Mahalos.....

Carl Bailer Oahu, Hawaii Home Owner

Drywall renovations where top priority in our advancement of condo resale's in Waikiki - I quickly made a huge investment and high profit resale value after Aaron and Oahu-Handyman.com renovated my condo on Alamona," they were totally honest and reliable," saving me huge profits on buying drywall plasters and primers," he removed the bumpy ceiling texture off the ceilings, applying a fresh skim coat of smooth wall plaster," in our 900 sq ft 15 floor condo. Any body ask me about a pro drywall ers ile be the first to say call the Oahu-Handyman.com at 808-644-3209 for a remodeling quote," why? they are a trust worthy group os remodeling experts that helped me sell my condo at $375,00," that's profit," they started with the drywall, then renovated the kitchen and remodeled the bathrooms and hardwood flooring installation , the final touch - the primers and smoothwall paints increased decor. Thanks guyz - im my entire Air Force Military career," hard work and dedication is always a plus sign - you guyz rock - highly recommend you to our US military personnel as a quality pro service remodeling -ive made it Oahu-Handyman.com

Neil Habershaw - High Ranking Air Force Commander Pearl Harbor Oahu and Waikiki Alamona Condo Owner - 5/10

"RemodelingOahu.com is where I was introduced to a reliable, conscientious remodeling Honolulu website: Honesty and credibility through reading articles about Oahu-Handyman.com led me to believe Oahu-Handyman.com is a legit renovation construction company with over 15 yrs expert quality: Im all about construction reviews," honesty and integrity - Aaron Sharp proved their strengths quickly," as they went to work on my 3,000 sq ft vacation home in Kailua," everything from the kitchen sink to wiring and plumbing," went as planned," throughout my project consisting of adding a new decks, bathroom vanity, new tiled floors, new hot tub, new kitchen sinks and hardwood cabinets and flooring with the marble granite counter tops," the second floor addition and expansion of the kitchen," increased the space and size of my vacation homes living space dramatically," approved considerable knowledge and skills were evident," every step of the renovation process was worth while.

Curt Louder Maimi Beach Florida - Vacation Home Owner Kailua Oahu 3/2009.

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