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drywall restoration Finishers Honolulu Hawaii

Texturing walls - The final stage in drywall finishing," just before primers and paint are applied," texture is applied before fine finishing. The types of ceiling and drywall textures are listed above in the side bar," we currently install/apply the famous non expensive hopper spryed textures," we also offer the highend fine finished skip trowel textures applied with drywall knives and trowels: - One of the most common types of wall texturing is called “orange peel;” also known as “eggshell” or “splatter.” Small splatters of thinned drywall compound are sprayed onto the wall; the finished result is a roughened texture much like the outer peel of an orange. The famous knockdown texture is sprayed on with a hopper gun," when done spraying it," it is knocked down with a mason trowel.

Drywall Texture Types & Texturing Styles Applied

There are two basic drywall finish styles: smooth and textured. Textured finishes range from light to medium and heavy, with both simple and complex textures.

A sprayed drywall texture is the most popular application method today because it uses less labor and is less costly than hand-applied finishes. Fine to coarse grades of texture can be sprayed. The texture is made coarser by adding textured granules (of foam, for instance) to the drywall compound or paint.

Walls and ceilings can be textured in two ways: by applying texture directly to the surface before painting or by adding textured material to the paint before applying it. Most commonly, texturing is included in the drywall installation process.

Since wallpaper and many specialty faux finishes must be applied over smooth walls, it is often necessary to apply a "skim coat" or "float" drywall compound to fill in the "bumps" in previously textured walls to smooth them.

Textured finishes can also fall into "faux" finishes. Textured paints containing solid materials like silica can make walls resemble fabrics such as suede, for instance.

New synthetic products developed to imitate old fashioned colored or white plasters can be applied smooth or hand-troweled into different patterns and styles.

Textured products can create three dimensional effects by applying in layers to walls, fireplaces, ceilings and furniture to look and feel like real stone, crumbling masonry, peeling paint, fossils embedded in wall, etc. Some products and techniques can even be used outdoors.


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